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The Main Event

Posted by on January 29, 2017

Don’t forget to check out the Main St. stores and Main Event. Hi Ali Swap Meet located across from the Post Office is a good place to start. It is well packed with vendors this year with plenty of items to peruse. I always find something there.

From there, go to the regular stores down the street. There is lots of parking in back as well as my street vendors behind them. At the first store, I found everything 50% off including beautiful wood carvings. I now have the lighthouse carving I wanted. The store seems very different and I suspect it may have new management. The inventory is different so you definitely want to stop by this year to take a look.

Lighthouse carving

If you’re up for some fried gator, there’s a place to get some there. I’m not that brave.

The store with all manner of RV parts, tools, games, flags, sunglasses, and other RVer items is open and one of my favorites. If you are looking for Quartzsite postcards, that is one place to find them.

The bead and jewelry stores are always very popular on Main St. Those are as good as ever. We spent quite a bit of time and money  in them.

The pink store and it’s sister store nearby are going out of business. They are currently offering all their stock at rock bottom prices. The main one has more food, vitamins, and hygiene items while the sister store has more household goods. On the day I was there, if you made a purchase at one of the stores and showed the receipt at the other store, you got a free 8 ounce bottle of anti-bacterial. That may still be going on.

A store you don’t want to miss nearby is the Outpost. They are loaded with stock and lots of variety. I found a ball cap with an extra wide brim and hanging neck cover there to beat the Quartzsite sun and heat. They also have hardware, tools, clothing, fun hats, soft pellet guns, and much more.

If Nascar is your thing, just north of the Outpost is a Nascar booth selling flags and other goodies for the die-hard Nascar fan.

Beyond Nascar is the steam engine display with a working engine going ta pucket ta pucket ta pucket.

The Main Event isn’t what it used to be but a new owner has grand plans for it and I for one hope he succeeds. They have been doing fireworks at night and a dirt track is open for ATVs to practice and test run for the upcoming race. There is a good BBQ place to eat there and a BBQ competition is on the schedule of events.

The two main buildings are open at The Main Event. The first one has all the tools and household goods. I managed to leave some of my money there. The second building has mostly rocks and gems. If you are looking for flags and twirlers, there is an excellent booth for that right next to the second building.   There is an LED booth across from it.

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