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Dome Rock boondocking QuartzsiteThe Bureau of Land Management has 14-day boondocking (no utilities) camping areas in all directions from Quartzsite and nearby towns. A two week pass costs $40 while a season pass from September through April costs $180. You can purchase passes at LTVAs (Long Term Visitor Areas) and BLM offices. There are also many areas to camp for free. Be sure to check the rules for BLM and free camping in Arizona and California. More great info on boondocking and the BLM can be found at

LTVAs often provide some amenities like trash dumpsters, sewer dump stations, water, or vault toilets. They may have none or some of these. Missing amenities may be located nearby in a town or you may be able to pay a service to come pump you out or to haul in water or propane to you. Don’t count on it.

Many BLM areas do get cell phone signal. Check blogs and reviews online for the area you are interested in to see if anyone has commented on any service available. If not available, you can often get free wifi in town at truck stops, libraries, near motels, in fast food joints, etc.

There are only small, expensive Mom & Pop grocery stores in Quartzsite. Most folks go to Parker, AZ or Yuma, AZ once a month for larger corporate stores including Wal-Mart. There is an Albertson’s in Blythe, CA but they are expensive too. The Smart & Final in Blythe often has a good sale on some items like meat and cheese.

Mail can usually be received at the post office in town by having it sent to you c/o General Delivery, city, state, zip. Check with the nearest post office first.

If you use a generator, please respect quiet hours and run your noisy beast as little as possible to charge your batteries. It is best to park far away from others if you will be using a generator. This is a good idea even if you aren’t running a generator. Be sure to leave your neighbor plenty of space.

Your neighbors would also appreciate it if you drive slow through camp so as to kick up as little dirt as necessary.

Quartzsite area:

BLM Camp Sites

I also suggest checking our Directory for more specific info on local sites, maps and sometimes coordinates for each location, reviews, photos, and local businesses you may need such as water and sewer dumps.