Turkey Day, Desert Ice Skating, and Santa Are Coming!

Not kidding. There really will be ice skating in the middle of the desert and at a bridge from London no less. Quartzsite is such a magical place this time of year with such things close by. Don’t miss it!

It’s also time for Santa’s Workshop to open up to reveal all the arts and crafts his happy elves have been working on all year. While there, stop by the Chamber of Commerce on Main St. for Shop Small Saturday.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Ice Skating at the London Bridge
November 24, 2017 – January 7, 2018 London Bridge Resort, 1477 Queens Bay, Lake Havasu City

Santa’s Workshop Arts & Crafts Show
November 25 – November 26, 2017 Tyson Wells Showground 9 am – 5 pm

Shop Small Saturday
November 25, 2017 Quartzsite Chamber & Tourism 8:00am – 10:00am

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Spaghetti, Sand, Water, and RVs

Hmm. Interesting combination this week! The annual fundraiser for Celia’s Rainbow Garden is this week. If you have never been to that park, you need to go! It is a lovely memorial park created in the name of a little girl who died too young. It is now home to numerous beautiful, artistic memorials. Please help support it and enjoy the spaghetti dinner.

Celia's Rainbow GardenCelia's Garden Cactus DisplayOne memorial in the garden

Up at Lake Havasu, they will be having “the Southwest’s biggest motorsports and outdoor recreation expo” with items to view and buy related to offroading, RVing, boating camping, fishing and hunting. Food, beverages, and beer will be available. Highlights this year are in-water boat demos, Paddlefest for you avid paddleboarders, kayakers, outriggers, and canoers, and Hot WheelsTM  Races for kids and adults.


Spaghetti Fundraiser for Celia’s Rainbow Gardens
November 14, 2017 QIA 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Annual Sand, Water & RV Expo
November 18 – November 19, 2017 Lake Havasu State Park, Lot 4 (Windsor Beach) 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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Veteran’s Day This Week

Veteran’s Day is coming again. Be sure to thank them for their service and remember those who did not come home.  Along with ceremonies, we have a cookout at Gunny’s where you can also see a military museum and you can help celebrate the birth of the Marine Corps, a grand service. I am ex-Air Force myself and my son served in the Army but all the services do a great job of taking raw kids and turning them into fine men and women.


Marine Corps Birthday Ball

November 10, 2017 London Bridge Resort Convention Center, 1477 Queens Bay, Lake Havasu City 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Veteran’s Day Ceremony
November 11th, 2017 VFW 120 S. Palo Verde, Quartzsite, AZ

Gunny’s Annual Veteran’s Day Cookout
November 11th, 2017 Gunny’s RV Park & Military Museum 735 West Ocotillo Ln

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More Venues Opening This Week – Run

Quartzsite is starting to get busy with lots more folks coming in for the winter. More swap meet venues are opening up this week to accommodate them. Look for the Quartzsite Market Place Street Fair, Rice Ranch and Greasewood to open. The Rotary are sponsoring their annual Run, Walk, Rock n Roll. Walking sounds good to me but now and then I rock n roll too!

Don’t forget to hit up Silly Al’s for some great pizza before it gets too crowded in Quartzsite. They get so busy that the line to get in stretches way out the door! Trust me, their pizza is worth it.


Quartzsite Market Place Street Fair
October 31, 2017 – March 1, 2018 50 E. Kuehn St.

Rice Ranch “Yawl Come” Show
November 1, 2017 – April 1, 2018 55 E. Kuehn St.

Greasewood Swap Meet
November 2017 – April 2018

Quartzsite Rotary’s 3rd Annual: Run, Walk, Rock n Roll!
November 4, 2017 Next to Town Hall 8:00am – 11:30am

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London Bridge Is Falling Down – Not Really

Got some cool things for you to do this week. Halloween is coming so of course there will be a Halloween party to go to at the Quartzsite Community Center. London Bridge Days is this week and justifies a trip up to Lake Havasu City for something to do. Do you geocache? If not, you should start! I geocache and have found several in the Quartzsite area. Checkout the geocache meet & greet this week at the Quartzsite Chamber & Tourism Bureau on Main St.


GeoCache Meet & Greet
October 25, 2017 Quartzsite Chamber & Tourism 10:00am – 12:00pm

London Bridge Days Parade
October 28, 2017 Downtown Havasu District (Main Street), McCulloch Blvd., Lake Havasu City

Annual Halloween Party
October 28, 2017 Quartzsite Community Center 4:00pm – 8:00pm


London Bridge - Lake Havasu CityI found the geocache under a rock!

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Quartzsite Kudos

Not much new going on this week except:

40th Annual Relics & Rods Run to the Sun
October 19 – October 21, 2017 Bridgewater Links @ London Bridge Resort, 1477 Queens Bay, Lake Havasu City


I want to hand out some greatly deserved kudos to three establishments in Quartzsite.

1. Silly Al’s Pizza – The place is extremely busy and noisy. It has become so popular that you will have to wait in line to get in after giving them your name. Once you do get in, you will find a raucous crowd, especially if a football game is on the many TV screens. So why go there? The pizza is awesome! It is loaded with sauce, cheese, and great big fresh chunks of ingredients like sausage and green pepper. You can really taste each individual ingredient. It is definitely one of the best pizzas I have ever had. We had the combo pizza. I had to snap a picture quick before it was all eaten. LOL


2. McDonald’s – Now before you roll your eyes, this one is different from all the others. During the winter months, the tiny town of Quartzsite swells by thousands of temporary residents. Most restaurants I have seen would be overwhelmed but the Quartzsite McDonald’s takes it in stride and continues to operate like a well-oiled machine. The longer line still moves quickly and the food is delivered reasonably fast and hot. The manager and staff at this location make a very fine team and a great asset to Quartzsite.

3. The local radio station – One of the best things to do while in Quartzsite is turn on the radio. They play OUR songs from OUR time – the 70s and 80s. We had  a wonderful time every evening playing cards or dominoes while listening and singing to the radio. At 10 pm every night, they seem to sign off but then keep playing on so we can decide whether to go to bed… or not. 

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It’s Time!

Wake up! The fun begins! The desert around Quartzsite is filling up with more dots as winter snowbirds begin to wander in for another great season. More vendors have arrived too and are setting up shops. Long term camping passes are now for sale at the LTVAs.

This coming week, most of the entertainment will be up around Parker and Lake Havasu. A haunted pineapple race? Really? Duck races sound fun too. Oh baby! Australia’s Thunder From Down Under I would love to go to. Woot! Woot!



Blowsion World Finals – Jet Ski extreme sports
September 30 – October 8, 2017 Crazy Horse Campgrounds, 1534 Beachcomber Blvd., Lake Havasu City

Hi Ali Swapmeet
October 1st, 2017 – March, 2018  120 West Cowell Street

Good Ground Trading Swapmeet
October, 2017 – March, 2018

Liquidator Depot Swapmeet
October, 2017 – March, 2018

Main Street Gem & Mineral Swapmeet
October, 2017 – March, 2018

Fish Fry Friday
October, 2017 – March, 2018 Fridays VFW 120 S. Palo Verde, Quartzsite, AZ

Tyson Wells Market Center Swapmeet
October 01, 2017 – March 31, 2018 121 W. Kuehn St.

Annual CRIT Native American Days Fair & Expo
October 5 – October 8, 2018 Manataba Park 2660 Mohave Rd, Parker, AZ

10th Annual Haunted Pineapple Race
October 5, 2017 London Bridge Beach, McCulloch Blvd. & Beachcomber Blvd., Lake Havasu City  4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

2017 Duck Derby Races
October 7, 2017 Under the London Bridge, 422 English Village, Lake Havasu City 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

Australia’s Thunder From Down Under
Oct 7, 2017 at 7:00 PM Bluewater Casino, Parker AZ $25-$35

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The Migration Begins

September is here! Folks are starting to drift in for another wonderful winter season. Don’t be surprised by some changes when you get to Quartzsite. They had a terrible storm blow through a recently which did extensive damage, particularly on Main St. McDonald’s is in the process of making major repairs. Across the street from them, the little shop that always has lots of flags and shirts outside was damaged as well as a large building that was used for storage by the pink store folks. At the time of this post, they are under a flood watch until 12am September 10th. Life does go on in Quartzsite whether we are there to see it or not.

If you haven’t made reservations yet for private campground camping, don’t wait much longer. The RV parks tend to get booked up as much as a year in advance. Boondock camping without utilities is always available.

Stay tuned as we continue our reporting through February. Things don’t really start hopping until October though with a crescendo of activity in January for the big Sportsmen’s Show. Be sure to check out our events page at http://rvquartzsite.com/events-schedule and if you need to find an RV park, boondocking site, or something else, go to http://rvquartzsite.com/directory/categories .

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Celebrate Route 66

Looks like it is still cool in Quartzsite which is certainly better than that desert heat in summer. There’s still more time to play!

In Quartzsite, there will be an art show and author signing on Friday at Mountain Quail RV Park. 

Saturday, the fun will take you out of town to Parker or Lake Havasu City. Trace Adkins will be performing at the Bluewater Resort and Casino in Parker Saturday afternoon. That should be a great show. Farther north in Havasu there will be quite the party centered around motorcycles, bicycles, cars, and Route 66. There will be music, food, vendors, competitions, a Poker Run, arm wrestling, and a tattoo contest. While you are there, how about participating in the annual Line Dance On The Bridge event? There is a small charge to participate ($10-$20) and the money goes to fund health screening and education in the area.


Southwestern Roundup Invitational Art Show and Author Signing
February 24 – February 25, 2017 Mountain Quail RV Park Rec. Hall 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Trace Adkins Live at Bluewater Resort and Casino
February 25, 2017 Parker AZ, 3:00pm – 5:00pm MST

“Legends of Route 66” Bike Build-Off
February 25-26, 2017 Lake Havasu State Park, Lot 4 Saturday: 9am-7pm Sunday: 10am-4pm

Annual Line Dance on the Bridge
February 26, 2017 Lake Havasu City London Bridge 2-5pm

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The Lady Ain’t Sung Yet

Nope. Still plenty going on in and around Quartzsite this week. If you are into remote control, we’ve got planes flying this week at Town Park in Quartzsite and boats sailing next to London Bridge in Lake Havasu. Let your inner child out to play! There are several other races going on in the region as well.

This coming weekend is a good time to head to Lake Havasu City for the Annual Winterfest. There will be lots of booths offering products and services, entertainment, demonstrations, and children’s events.

In Quartzsite, the QIA is hosting the Quartzsite Gold Show.


Quartzsite Desert Flyers

Desert Flyers RC Fun Fly
February 10, 2017 Town Park 9:00 am

Quartzsite Gold Show
February 10 – February 12, 2017 QIA building. Friday – Saturday 9-4 Sunday

Arizona Peace Trail – Quartzsite to Kingman Run
February 10 – February 12, 2017 The Main Event Showplace

Mountain Bike Association of Arizona Race
February 11, 2017 @ 7am-5pm Lake Havasu City SARA Park Rodeo Grounds

Annual Havasu Winterfest
February 11 – 12, 2017 McCulloch Blvd, Lake Havasu City, AZ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

London Bridge RC Boat Race
February 11-12, 2017 @ 8am-5pm Lake Havasu City Bridgewater Channel – Next to the London Bridge

Hot Products IJSBA Mark Hahn Memorial 300
February 12, 2017 @ 8am-3pm Lake Havasu City Crazy Horse Campground

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