It’s Show Time and Race Time

The Big Tent RV and Sportsman’s Show may be over but the fun continues!

The Paul Winer Show is coming up tomorrow at the QIA and you don’t want to miss it. He’s a very fine musician and his shows sell out.

Quartzsite will be busy with arts & crafts fairs at the QIA and Tyson Wells and a yard sale at the QIA this weekend. The senior center is also hosting a quilt show where lots of local talent will be displayed. I think if I were still there, I would go to the one hour VFW Groundhog Rally just to say I have been to one. LOL

Parker and Havasu will be having races but you are going to have to decide between them. There’s some tough choices there. Havasu is also having the Vintage Trailer Campout with some very cool trailer makeovers to be seen. Oh baby!

Paul Winer Show
February 2, 2017 QIA- 2 pm & 7pm

Lake Havasu Vintage Trailer Campout
February 2 – February 5, 2017 Lake Havasu State Park (Windsor Beach)

La Paz Valley UTV Rally, Expo, and Races
February 2 – February 6, 2017 Parker, AZ

Tyson Wells Arts & Crafts Fair
February 3 – February 12, 2017 Tyson Wells

Quartzsite Quilt Show
February 3 – February 4, 2017 9 am – 4 pm Senior Center

VFW Ground Hog Rally
February 4, 2017 VFW Post 769 8:00 am – 9:00 am

Havasu 95 Speedway “Racing With Punxy” Race
February 4, 2017 Havasu 95 Speedway @ SARA Park  Racing starts 2pm (gates open 2 hours prior)

BlueWater Resort Parker “425” Off-Road Race
February 2 – February 4, 2017 Bluewater Resort, Parker AZ Actual Race Day is on 2/4/17

QIA Craft Faire
February 4, 2017 QIA 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

QIA Yard Sale
February 4, 2017 QIA 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

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Adios Quartzsite

Don’t you just hate when the time comes to leave Quartzsite for another year? It ranks right up there with being kicked off a ship at the end of a cruise. Bah, humbug. Alas, work is calling and for some silly reason the guys I rented my RV from want it back. It’s time to go.

Rather than try a mad dash back to the Los Angeles Airport which seemed doomed to failure since I had to return the motorhome by 11am, I chose to leave a day early to get much closer. Further, by staying at another campground for the night, it sort of adds to the adventure. Just getting out of Quartzsite was an adventure in itself. First there was the inevitable re-packing of the bags. I brought an extra bag this time with items I was delivering to someone so I was counting on it being empty. It was until I re-filled it with my show purchases and, of course, I bought too much and bought a couple items that cannot travel by plane. OOPS! I had to leave some behind with family to mail to me later. Thank God for family! I’m not ready yet to earn the T-shirt for braving the Quartzsite Post Office at this time of year.

Trying to find a campground to stay at was equally difficult. You would think winter would be easier but oh no. Out of four choices along my route, none that I could reach by phone had an opening for one night using my discount clubs. If I was willing to pay full price which is more than the cost of the motel I booked for a night when I get back, then sure come on in. Uh… no! I programmed two county parks I know of into my GPS and decided to take off secure in the knowledge that if all else fails, I have the Allstays camping app on my phone and there is always a motel around too.

As I pulled out of La Posa West, I immediately got stuck in traffic. Oh goody. It took quite awhile to get past Kuehn Rd. and then there was the long line to make a left turn on Main. Chanting to yourself at this time helps. “Life is an adventure. Life is an adventure.”

On to Main St., I went to get gas at the Pilot station due to it’s proximity to McDonald’s since I was now hungry after all that. The first gas lane was empty but had a fellow cleaning up spilled gas. The other lanes were full so I pulled in behind a young woman to wait. Wait I did as she kept going in and out of her car until she finally got around to pumping gas. As she was doing that, the one in front of her pulled out and another car took it’s place guaranteeing a longer delay for me as a needed the entire lane to pump gas because of where the gas tank on the rental is located. Finally, she left and I pulled in as far as I could to wait for the other person who was also going in and out of his car. When he finished, he looked me straight in the eye and waltzed off inside to get his Slurpee. Aaargh! By the time he finally got back, the head start I had on the day was long gone. I pulled up and filled my tank. Just as I finished, a car and trailer pulled in behind me for the block. Then a little car backed in in front of me. My chanting was done! I politely told the gentleman in the small car that I was done and pulling out right now to which he replied, “But, I have to get gas.”. I told him again that I am leaving right now and that I had already waited on several people. With that, I jumped in the RV and started my engine. He moved.

Over at McDonald’s, I managed to find the only open space big enough though it took a little maneuvering. As always, there was a long line inside but The Quartzsite McDonald’s is brilliant at managing the huge crowds every year. I don’t know how they do it but the line keeps moving and the wait for food isn’t very long.

After a quick lunch, I used the crosswalk in front of McDonald’s to pop across the street to quickly grab one more item I had seen at a store there and then went next door to meet the person at the Chamber of Commerce I have been corresponding with by email. It was only for a few minutes but it was pretty cool to meet face to face after all this time.

Finally, 2 hrs after my start, I turned onto the I10 West and got out of town.

Note: After driving for an hour, I remembered another discount campground near where I wanted to be that night so I pulled over, called my club, and they were able to call them and get me in for the night. Life is an adventure.

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Rice Ranch

Time to check out what Rice Ranch has to offer. A lot of vendors are not there this year. I didn’t see the sock vendor on the corner this year and the little grocery outlet at the end is closed. The barber isn’t there this year either. My friend Len and his wife decided not to do their LED booth there this year. The consignment dealers are both still there though and one of them has even better used stuff this year. I saw a kayak on a trailer, bikes, a cute little motorcycle needing restored, ladders, and lots of great stuff to look through.  The T-shirt store is there along with other clothing dealers. Gamblers Supply is open with plenty of RV parts still available as well as the store next to it for both tools and décor.  New this year is a Retro boat dealer with two beautiful old-style boats to consider.

Across the street, there is a games dealer for all your gaming needs. There are also two food vendors with plenty of choices.

There’s not as much at Rice Ranch as before but it’s still worth a look, especially if you need hard to find RV parts.

Games 4 U at Rice RanchFood at Rice Ranch

More food at Rice RanchRetro boat

Gambler's SupplyFlying over Rice Ranch

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The Main Event

Don’t forget to check out the Main St. stores and Main Event. Hi Ali Swap Meet located across from the Post Office is a good place to start. It is well packed with vendors this year with plenty of items to peruse. I always find something there.

From there, go to the regular stores down the street. There is lots of parking in back as well as my street vendors behind them. At the first store, I found everything 50% off including beautiful wood carvings. I now have the lighthouse carving I wanted. The store seems very different and I suspect it may have new management. The inventory is different so you definitely want to stop by this year to take a look.

Lighthouse carving

If you’re up for some fried gator, there’s a place to get some there. I’m not that brave.

The store with all manner of RV parts, tools, games, flags, sunglasses, and other RVer items is open and one of my favorites. If you are looking for Quartzsite postcards, that is one place to find them.

The bead and jewelry stores are always very popular on Main St. Those are as good as ever. We spent quite a bit of time and money  in them.

The pink store and it’s sister store nearby are going out of business. They are currently offering all their stock at rock bottom prices. The main one has more food, vitamins, and hygiene items while the sister store has more household goods. On the day I was there, if you made a purchase at one of the stores and showed the receipt at the other store, you got a free 8 ounce bottle of anti-bacterial. That may still be going on.

A store you don’t want to miss nearby is the Outpost. They are loaded with stock and lots of variety. I found a ball cap with an extra wide brim and hanging neck cover there to beat the Quartzsite sun and heat. They also have hardware, tools, clothing, fun hats, soft pellet guns, and much more.

If Nascar is your thing, just north of the Outpost is a Nascar booth selling flags and other goodies for the die-hard Nascar fan.

Beyond Nascar is the steam engine display with a working engine going ta pucket ta pucket ta pucket.

The Main Event isn’t what it used to be but a new owner has grand plans for it and I for one hope he succeeds. They have been doing fireworks at night and a dirt track is open for ATVs to practice and test run for the upcoming race. There is a good BBQ place to eat there and a BBQ competition is on the schedule of events.

The two main buildings are open at The Main Event. The first one has all the tools and household goods. I managed to leave some of my money there. The second building has mostly rocks and gems. If you are looking for flags and twirlers, there is an excellent booth for that right next to the second building.   There is an LED booth across from it.

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Rodeo Time!

Howdy and welcome to Quartzsite again! This week we still have the Big Tent RV Show going on with bunches of interesting and useful items for sale as well as lots of new and used RVs to look at until you find the one that fits you just perfect. Tyson Wells is also going full blast. For those of you that prefer soft ice cream, checkout the BBQ place right across the driveway from KB Tools. The cones are huge and delicious!

Coming up are two events at The Main Event. There will be a Food Truck Festival to please your senses, a classic car show, more fireworks, and a BBQ competition. Sounds yummy to me!

The VFW is hosting a garden party with a Hawaiian theme. ALOHA!

Up in Lake Havasu City, It’s time for the rodeo lil ‘ol Delbert Days. Yeehaw! The rodeo is always a very big deal and a lot of fun so plan on making a day trip up there. If you plan it right, you can also catch the Camaros on the Bridge event where they see how many Chevrolet Camaros can squeeze onto the London Bridge. Last year they managed to get 86 cars on it. Why you ask? Because phone booths are hard to find!


Food Truck Music Festival
January 27 – 28, 2017  The Main Event Showplace 4:00pm – 8:00pm

Classic Car Show, “Valley of Fire” Fireworks, Outwest Foodfest and BBQ Competition
January 27 – January 29, 20, 2017 The Main Event Showplace

VFW Auxiliary Garden Party
January 28, 2017 VFW Post 769 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm Hawaiian theme, tickets $10.

Grand Canyon Pro Rodeo Assn. & Little Delbert Days
January 28 – January 29, 2017 Lake Havasu City Rodeo Grounds, AZ 10am – 4pm

Annual Run to the Fun/Camaros on the Bridge
January 28, 2017 Lake Havasu City London Bridge 7:45-8:15am

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Day-2 The Big Tent

The day started off with rain and was overcast and cold. After a hearty breakfast, I took off on foot through the La Posa BLM area, crossed the wash, and climbed up the bank to the Big Tent area. That is how most folks in the La Posa West Long Term Visitors area get to the show so they don’t have to deal with parking. I found a wider opening between vendor rigs and passed through. I met a very nice woman from the Redlands company who offered me a cookie as I passed her RV. Redlands has their own large tents here where they are doing all manner of RV repairs, upgrades, new tires, etc. for folks and they do have rigs lined up to get in.

La Posa West, Quartzsite AZ

Into the tent, I headed to the middle to C & C Insurance’s booth. They are wonderful agents who will hold your hand through an accident and make sure you are taken care of so they are also my agents. Stop by and have a chat with Chris and Chuck Yust on your insurance needs. They saved me a good bit of money and now they are promoting a new emergency road service that they tell me is much better than most others. I may be switching myself when my current service runs out.

C & C Insurance

My next visit was to the Escapees booth to get my hug for the day. Escapees are huggers. They also run a wonderful camping club with great discounts on camping all over the country, their own excellent campgrounds, and a mail service in three states that is capable of providing residency status for those states if you need it. As a full-timer and someone who works in Texas, I needed residency status but did not have a permanent address I could use to get a drivers license, register vehicles, vote,  etc. since I move around a lot. Escapees to the rescue! Personally, I get far more out of it than Good Sam. Anyway, hug hug and on to the show.

There are no empty booths this year at the show. There are plenty of vendors and I believe more attendees than last year. As always, there are several workamping booths with job opportunities for those looking to work their way across the country. I’ll get into more detail in another post. My personal favorite, the dip booth is there handing out pretzels to taste their wares. I love the spinach dip and cheesecake dip the best. I finally gave in and bought the garlic and cheese grater plate this year at another booth. With my new experiments in cooking, it looks like it might come in handy. Cleaning products, mops, and magic brooms are available as well as all manner of T-shirts, other clothing,jewelry, leather wallets and purses, pet gear, pain relievers, flagpoles, cookware, silicone lids, new fangled chip clips, and toys including big boy toys (flying remote control planes, saucers, etc.).

Spice Above Booth

For those strictly looking for RVer items, several campgrounds are well represented in the Big Tent as are solar panels, LED lights, mobility scooters, beds, pillows, and more specific RV parts and upgrades. Passport America is available to sign up or renew for the best value in camping discounts and if you signup at the show, they not only add some free months but also give you a hard copy of their directory and let you spin their wheel for a prize. The Alaska team are back to show you how to get there and what to see. There are 2 RV caravan tour booths in the Big Tent. Should I mention the nudist camp booth is here again? LOL To each his own.

Passport America prize wheelPassport America

I stopped by the Digest-It booth to check out their product. I have been hearing rave reviews about it as a holding tank additive to stop the smell, breakdown the contents more fully, clean the sensors, lubricate the seals, and it doesn’t contain formaldehyde. I didn’t know they also have a Super Digest-It to remove blockages. Nice! They gave me a small bottle to try out and evaluate for them so I will be posting that review after I get home to my own RV. You may want to stop by their booth yourself for more information and to see what other products they have come up with to help us with our least favorite chore.

Unique Digest-It

There are some older vendors missing and some new vendors this year. I didn’t see as many LED light booths as before but there are still some here. A new booth (to me at least) is the Truck Claw device guaranteed to get you out of snow or mud. A set of two straps on to your wheels and bites into the muck with specially designed large aluminum pieces which can also have a wider extension added if needed and out you go. Stop by and watch their video of a truck in one heck of a mud bog easily get around in it.

For lunch I had the half a roasted chicken with beans and coleslaw found outside at the East end of the tent. It was very good for $10 and one of the better food deals.

Outside the Big Tent, you can find Honda, Yamaha, and Champion generators for sale as well as flags, wood signs, RV stabilizers, RV parts and upgrades, more workamping opportunities, and my favorite booth of all, the Progressive Insurance booth. They don’t have the golf game this year but you can spin their wheel for prizes and they are great prizes. So far I have won a T-shirt and an aluminum water bottle. I will be going back today for another shot at it. LOL. You can also do one of 4 or 5 different videos against a green screen and get a picture of it which includes Flo. I went with being chased by a bear.

Progressive booth

For your afternoon snack, how about some ice cream? The Thrifty ice cream booth outside is there again as well as the gourmet ice cream booth as you walk into Tyson Wells from the Big Tent. Another option is candy from the candy booth in the Big Tent or from the Grocery Outlet store in the South Tyson Wells shopping area.

Are you looking to get a concealed carry license that is good in 30-36 states? There are two booths here for that and one does the class needed if you are not a veteran, renewal, or other exempted person.

KB Tools north of the Big Tent is busy and crowded as ever. That’s always a good place to look for whatever you need and the best place to find the materials to erect a strong wind-resistant shelter of tarps.

Ta ta from Quartzsite till the next post. I’ll get this week’s events up soon.

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In Quartzsite and Having Fun

Had a wonderful cruise and got back Thursday. After a quick visit to the grocery store, I picked up my motorhome rental from Cruise America in Carson, CA which is near the cruise terminal. Driving through L.A. traffic even on freeways in the middle of the day was no fun but I made it to Blythe, CA for the night to see some old friends who always winter at Mayflower County Park. We had a very good time catching up and I left in overcast and very windy weather in the afternoon.

After a quick stop just across the state line at the Flying J for cheaper gas and Wendy’s food, I headed further East into Quartzsite. Warning: do NOT try to get off at the first exit during January. The traffic is horrible! Having been here before, I went on to the second exit where you can make a left turn easier, go over the bridge, take a left on main street at the light, then left again on Highway 95 South to get to the La Posa BLM campgrounds. You avoid a lot of traffic and headaches with that route.

I pulled into La Posa South and registered. The cost was $40 for 2 weeks. They only take exact cash or checks so be aware and ready. I found my family already encircled with an easy drive in spot saved for me to complete the circle. It was windy, cold, and raining so we hung out in one trailer to eat together, listen to music, and play games.

Today, the Big Tent opened. We chose not to compete with the opening crowds today and instead went through Tyson Wells. I believe the traffic on Kuehn is even worse this year and parking is always an adventure but we did succeed to find a couple spots for the trucks. As usual, so much to see but not enough endurance. We made it all the way through but boy do our feet hurt. For those who were asking, yes, there is a place to rent mobility scooters at Tyson Wells and the rate is very reasonable. Randy’s Mobility Rentals is at booth B15-17 next to the 95 highway on the north side of Kuehn. Scooters rent for $10/hr with a $50 daily maximum.  No reservation needed but their phone is 407-492-2321.

Randy's Mobility Rentals - Quartzsite

The tool tent up front is half the usual size due to the death of one of the partners. The kitchen items tent  up front is there and as big as usual. I didn’t find everything I wanted in the large miscellaneous household goods and tool tents this year but I still managed to fill up my backpack with purchases. Lunch will cost you at least $8 for just a sandwich and more for anything else. They were out of tri-tip when I got there so I had chicken teriyaki with rice instead. It was good, not great, but good. There was also hamburgers, hot dogs, pulled pork sandwiches, tacos, taco salad, cinnamon rolls, giant onion rings, fries, coleslaw, beans, corn on the cob, etc. There is plenty of Ice cream around for your afternoon snack.

Some of the food availableFood court

I got teased about buying more water filters there. Last year I bought an entire water filtration system and drove the TSA guards nuts when I put them through the Xray machine at the airport. You better believe they opened my bag to inspect. LOL.

Before heading back to camp, we walked over to the Progressive Insurance trailer on the North side outside the Big Tent. They don’t have the golf game this year but you can still spin the wheel for a prize. I got a very nice metal water flask. My family members got a Flo doll and a T-shirt. All of us got very nice and sturdy bags for holding our Big Tent purchases too. They always give away the coolest stuff so be sure to stop in there each day for another spin.  You can also have your picture taken with Flo. Woohoo!

That’s it for today. Off to the Big Tent tomorrow.

Beautiful yard spinnersTyson Wells swap meetRV ShowAnimal greeters

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Big Tent Time!

Quartzsite Big Tent

Yay! It is finally time for the Big Tent Sports, Vacation, & RV Show! It starts this coming weekend and I know I am excited! I guess I have more reason to get excited than many of you. Since I have to fly anyway to get there, I flew into Long Beach, CA to hop on a cruise on Sunday. I’m cruising to Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico with a good friend for a few days of girl fun. When I get back, I’ll be picking up an RV and driving to Quartzsite for the show. Woohoo! I love to cruise and I love Quartzsite!

The annual QIA Pow Wow rock and gem show is this week too and Tyson Wells Sell-A Rama begins. If you get a chance, drive over to Blythe, CA 22 miles west on I-10 to see and hear the Annual Bluegrass Music Festival. There’s some very good down home music going on over there. If you are a Ham, you have your own gathering to go to this week for fun and sharing.

Blythe Annual Bluegrass Festival

For those hanging out in the desert around Havasu, expect the roar of engines again at the Havasu 95 Speedway on Saturday. It’s “Snowbird Appreciation Night”.

Over at The Main Event Showplace, you can watch racers getting ready for the La Paz UTV Rally . This week they will be running on the test track, tuning up, buying parts, and talking strategy. The Steam & Gas Engine show will also be there.


Annual QIA Pow Wow
January 18 – January 22, 2017 QIA

Tyson Wells Sell-A-Rama
January 20 – January 29, 2017 Tyson Wells

Blythe Annual Bluegrass Music Festival
January 20 – January 22, 2017 Colorado River Fairgrounds, Blythe, CA

La Paz Valley UTV Rally, Expo, and Races Pre-Race Warmups
January 21 – February 1, 2017 Test track and tuneups at The Main Event in Quartzsite

January 21 – January 29, 2017 1/2 mile south of I-10 on Hwy. 95 from 9 am to 5 pm

Sandies Pass 5K Run and Walk
January 21, 2017 Lake Havasu City Grand Island Park 9:30am

Havasu 95 Speedway “Snowbird Appreciation Night” Races
January 21, 2017 @ Havasu 95 Speedway @ SARA Park  Racing starts 2pm (gates open 2 hours prior)

Quartzfest Amateur Radio Operators Gathering
January 22 – January 28, 2017 Road Runner BLM near mile marker 99

Steam & Gas Engine Show
January 23 – January 29, 2017 The Main Event Showplace

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Week Full of Hot Air and Music

Havasu Balloon FestivalAnother fun and busy week in the desert. We’ve got not just one but two hot air balloon festivals coming up. I gave been to the one in Havasu and it was fantastic! The balloons, food, displays, and shopping were well worth the drive. While up there, you can also do the jetboat tour and checkout Buses by the Bridge to see the many old VW vans and like let your hair down, man.

Quartzsite has it’s own balloon festival as well as art shows, rc planes on display, the annual Hi Jolly Daze Parade, and some truly wonderful entertainment provided by the New Christie Minstrels and Paul Winer, the naked guy and a fine musician. Don’t worry. He wears clothes for these performances. Tickets go fast for these shows so act fast.


Arizona Peace Trail – Kingman to Quartzsite Trail Run
January 12 – January 14, 2017

Quartzsite Art Guild Art Show
January 13 – 14, 2017 Senior Center 9 am – 5 pm

MAIN EVENT Showplace Hot Air Balloon Festival
January13 – 14,  2017 The Main Event Showplace

Havasu Balloon Festival and Fair
January 13 – January 15, 2017 1040 McCulloch Blvd. North Lake Havasu City, AZ

Buses by the Bridge
January 13 – January 15, 2017 Lake Havasu State Park, Lot 4 (Windsor 4)

Boating With The Balloons
January 13-15, 2017 Lake Havasu CityBluewater Jetboat Tours 7:30-9:30am & 4:15-6:15pm $28

RC Planes
January 13 – January 22, 2017 The Main Event Showplace

Outwest RV Show
January 13 – January 22, 2017 The Main Event Showplace

Outwest Art & Gem Show
January 13 – January 25, 2017 The Main Event Showplace

Rainbow Acres YARD SALE starts
January 13 – ? Rainbow Acres 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Hi Jolly Daze Parade
January 14, 2017 Town Park

New Christie Minstrels
January 14, 2017 (two shows 2pm & 7pm) QIA Building

Paul Winer Show
January 15, 2017 Senior Center 2 pm & 7pm

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2017 Opening With A Bang

Hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve. January 2017 is going to keep you busy!  Whether you are camping in Quartzsite, Blythe, Parker, Lake Havasu City, or somewhere in between, we’ve got lots of events to choose from. One of our readers commented that she likes the blended calendar list of all those areas to choose where to play on any given day so we have just added a lot more events to choose from to get you thinking that maybe a longer drive is worth it when there are multiple cool events in one place.

The Author’s Fair at the Readers Oasis and several other venues are now open. Stop by and get a picture with “the naked guy”. The website for The Main Event Showplace says they have a Ferris Wheel this year. Anyone ridden it? I haven’t arrived yet but sure do wish I was going to be there for the Renaissance Faire up in Lake Havasu. I have been wanting to go to one of those for a long time. Darn!

Anybody up for a cold splash in Lake Havasu for Polar Bear Day? There is a small charge and they say you pay even if you chicken out. Tee hee. Bok. Bok. Bok. Glad I’m not there for that.

Havasu 95 Speedway in Lake Havasu City has lots of racing going on for the next few months. That should keep the husbands (and ladies) happy. BlueWater Resort & Casino in Parker also has several races as well as live entertainment.


Author’s Fair Readers Oasis
January – February, 2017

Traders Market
January – February, 2017 Friday – Sunday Desert Gardens Show Grounds 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Annual International Gem, Mineral, & Jewelry Show
January 01 – February 28, 2017  DESERT GARDENS  I-10 (Exit 17), then east on Frontage Road

Ferris Wheel
January 1 – 31, 2017 The Main Event Showplace

Prospectors Panorama
January 02 – January 15, 2017 35 W. Kuehn St.

Annual Quilting at the Lake
January 3 – January 8, 2017 London Bridge Resort 9am-4pm  Classes $85/ day

London Bridge Renaissance Faire
January 6 – January 8, 2017 Lake Havasu State Park, Lot 4 (Windsor Beach)

Renaissance Royal Banquet
January 6, 2017 @ Doors open 6pm London Bridge Resort Convention Center $60/person

Tyson Wells Rock & Gem Show
January 06 – January 15, 2017 Tyson Wells

Annual Lake Havasu Polar Bear Day
January 7, 2017 Lake Havasu City – Nautical Beachfront Resort 12-4pm 

Havasu 95 Speedway Racing Resolutions + Waterless Boat Races
January 7, 2017 Havasu 95 Speedway @ SARA Park Racing starts 2pm (gates open 2 hours prior)

RC Planes Show
January 7, 2017 The Main Event Showplace

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