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Adios Quartzsite

Posted by on January 30, 2017

Don’t you just hate when the time comes to leave Quartzsite for another year? It ranks right up there with being kicked off a ship at the end of a cruise. Bah, humbug. Alas, work is calling and for some silly reason the guys I rented my RV from want it back. It’s time to go.

Rather than try a mad dash back to the Los Angeles Airport which seemed doomed to failure since I had to return the motorhome by 11am, I chose to leave a day early to get much closer. Further, by staying at another campground for the night, it sort of adds to the adventure. Just getting out of Quartzsite was an adventure in itself. First there was the inevitable re-packing of the bags. I brought an extra bag this time with items I was delivering to someone so I was counting on it being empty. It was until I re-filled it with my show purchases and, of course, I bought too much and bought a couple items that cannot travel by plane. OOPS! I had to leave some behind with family to mail to me later. Thank God for family! I’m not ready yet to earn the T-shirt for braving the Quartzsite Post Office at this time of year.

Trying to find a campground to stay at was equally difficult. You would think winter would be easier but oh no. Out of four choices along my route, none that I could reach by phone had an opening for one night using my discount clubs. If I was willing to pay full price which is more than the cost of the motel I booked for a night when I get back, then sure come on in. Uh… no! I programmed two county parks I know of into my GPS and decided to take off secure in the knowledge that if all else fails, I have the Allstays camping app on my phone and there is always a motel around too.

As I pulled out of La Posa West, I immediately got stuck in traffic. Oh goody. It took quite awhile to get past Kuehn Rd. and then there was the long line to make a left turn on Main. Chanting to yourself at this time helps. “Life is an adventure. Life is an adventure.”

On to Main St., I went to get gas at the Pilot station due to it’s proximity to McDonald’s since I was now hungry after all that. The first gas lane was empty but had a fellow cleaning up spilled gas. The other lanes were full so I pulled in behind a young woman to wait. Wait I did as she kept going in and out of her car until she finally got around to pumping gas. As she was doing that, the one in front of her pulled out and another car took it’s place guaranteeing a longer delay for me as a needed the entire lane to pump gas because of where the gas tank on the rental is located. Finally, she left and I pulled in as far as I could to wait for the other person who was also going in and out of his car. When he finished, he looked me straight in the eye and waltzed off inside to get his Slurpee. Aaargh! By the time he finally got back, the head start I had on the day was long gone. I pulled up and filled my tank. Just as I finished, a car and trailer pulled in behind me for the block. Then a little car backed in in front of me. My chanting was done! I politely told the gentleman in the small car that I was done and pulling out right now to which he replied, “But, I have to get gas.”. I told him again that I am leaving right now and that I had already waited on several people. With that, I jumped in the RV and started my engine. He moved.

Over at McDonald’s, I managed to find the only open space big enough though it took a little maneuvering. As always, there was a long line inside but The Quartzsite McDonald’s is brilliant at managing the huge crowds every year. I don’t know how they do it but the line keeps moving and the wait for food isn’t very long.

After a quick lunch, I used the crosswalk in front of McDonald’s to pop across the street to quickly grab one more item I had seen at a store there and then went next door to meet the person at the Chamber of Commerce I have been corresponding with by email. It was only for a few minutes but it was pretty cool to meet face to face after all this time.

Finally, 2 hrs after my start, I turned onto the I10 West and got out of town.

Note: After driving for an hour, I remembered another discount campground near where I wanted to be that night so I pulled over, called my club, and they were able to call them and get me in for the night. Life is an adventure.

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